Bag a Christmas Eve Goodie Bag

Eve though of having a Christmas Eve Goodie Bag? Christmas Eve, the last day of Advent and the start of the Christmas season, is a huge affair in Germany and the main day when Germans exchange presents with their families.  Whilst I agree that this early onset of Christmas is unlikely to ever infiltrate our UK shores, various Christmas Eve traditions (just like Prom and Halloween) are being imported in, stealthily creeping their way into our festive lives or popping up out of nowhere – just when you thought there was no way you could possibly extend the sheer joy and excitement that already surrounds the big day!

Last December, my Facebook feed was full of Christmas Elf shenanigans and their love of mischief making.  A new one for me is the Christmas Eve Pajama exchange.  A popular tradition amongst families who like to spend ‘the night before’ snuggled up together watching a film or playing a game in their new brushed flannel nightwear before spending Christmas morning in the said Pajama.  Looking great I might add.

In my own house, we have a Christmas Eve tradition of sorts – we always let our daughters choose one present from under the tree to unwrap on Christmas Eve. Choice is down to shape, a shake and sometimes the quality of wrap and presence of ribbon but sometimes, it has to be said, they do not choose wisely.

It really is a lucky dip.

However, this year the Christmas Eve Goodie Bag is set to reign.  For those of you baulking at the thought of even more expense, relax!  Think of it more like a kit rather than a bag filled with even more gifts to overwhelm the kids with. Depending upon your Christmas Eve rituals, creative flair, travel plans and age of your children, the Christmas Eve Goodie Bag has huge potential to surprise, delight and entertain.  It doesn’t have to be solely limited to Christmas Eve but if it is, it can be packed full of ideas to unwind the night before, things to do together as a family and prepare for the big man’s arrival. And yes, there can even be a nod to Jesus, the Birthday boy.

Luck and Luck, has lots of amazing Christmas vintage themed paper bags which you can use to make your own bespoke Christmas Eve bags themed for pets, partners, friends and kids and we’ve included some killer filler ideas below!.

NEW THIS YEAR! If you need a head start, you can buy Christmas Eve bags which we’ve already filled with reindeer food to sprinkle on the grass, amongst other wonderful festive touches.  It’s great for those with limited time or if you want to add to the Luck and Luck mix with your own bit of sparkle, magic or behaviour chart.

Christmas Eve – in the bag!  

·  Why not gift a bespoke Christmas Eve bag instead of a Christmas present in the run up to the big day?  When we first moved into our house, our neighbour posted a Christmas Eve poem through the door for our children and I’ve never forgotten it.

·  If you’re planning a lot of time over Christmas in the car or on a plane – you can  tailor the Christmas Eve bag so it’s filled with activities, games and puzzles that entertain.

·  Here are just a few Ideas for using your Christmas Eve bag to help little kids relax and prepare for Santa ‘the night before’: a Christmas DVD, a new bedtime story or CD, Reindeer dust (glitter) to help show them the way once they’re in, PJ’s!, a bath bomb, hot chocolate and Marshmallow snowmen on sticks. You could also include a craft activity or the ‘ingredients’ to create a new Christmas Eve tradition in the home, by making a tree decoration, nativity figure or perhaps an edible treat or toy for your pet.

This year I’ve decided to create a Christmas Prep bag which I will use to spearhead a new tradition for my family.   Sadly the Christmas Elf wasn’t a thing when my kids were young but I’m thinking that a handmade version, even an up cycled festively dressed barbie, might have the potential to provide a lot of fun for my teenagers to see where it decides to perch every morning after reporting to the North Pole – the ‘snitch!

If my husband is really lucky it will also contain a homemade Gopping Christmas jumper (basically festive bits and bobs pinned onto a plain charity shop jumper).  Don’t think Luck and Luck’s paper bags will be big enough for the task but wait, their ‘bah humbag’ hessian sack? I’m in Luck!

Christmas Eve Goodie Bag LLWCEKIT
Christmas Eve Goodie Bag LLKCEKIT
Christmas Eve Goodie Bag LLWCEKITb

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