DIY Advent Calendars

A thoughtful, homemade Christmas Countdown

Advent calendars are a traditional fixture in December for most of us but if you put a homemade spin on the Christmas countdown, advent calendars no longer have to be a bland commercial purchase filled with cheap shaped chocolate.  Putting together your own advent calendar can be a great way to unplug from technology and apply some creativity to an exciting, highly personalised gift packed full of thoughtfulness. They can look amazing, can pack a laugh for those making them and are not just reserved for those younger family members amongst us but teenagers and adults too!
At we have a festive range of numbered stickers & pegs, luggage tags, beautiful ribbon and a selection of various sized paper bags which can surround your loved ones with a big customised hug every day in December, whatever your chosen surprises in the run up to the big day.  This year, we’re offering free UK standard postage.

There are lots of ways you can put your advent calendar together, depending upon what sort of surprises you want them to hold and how DIY you want them to be.  Those short of time can use our ‘flat packed’ Christmas themed small boxes or fill the felt pockets on our advent sacks and miniature buckets.  Those looking for a more adventurous alternative can mount their bespoke paper bags on twine, string, ivy, driftwood and wreaths.  They look great hanging from Christmas trees and across windows, fireplaces and walls to make cracking Christmas decorations in their own right.  If you’re good with a hammer and can whip up a wall mounted tree out of bits of wood, even better!

’Cost-free’ filler ideas

Christmas is all about ‘giving’ right?  But it doesn’t have to cost anything!  For years, my daughters have given me ‘coupons’ that I can ‘cash in’ which give me a break during December and range from household chores – ‘doing the dishes’, ‘peeling the vegetables’ and ‘cooking the dinner’ to ‘making me cups of tea’, ‘ giving me a foot massage’ and ‘washing the car’.  This idea can obviously be adapted by adults for their partners with a fun or ‘risqué’ twist.

A treasure hunt, with a clue revealed every day, is another great way of turning the house into a festive playground.  It can lead to an unexpected gift or edible treat every day and ultimately create a trail to the location of the big Christmas present itself.

A daily challenge (with or without a treat) can be a great way to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas.  The challenges could focus on simple acts of generosity and kindness or doing good deeds.

More filler ideas

For teenagers, advent calendars can be like a Christmas stocking filled with whatever they are into – an assortment of miniature cosmetics, bath bombs and body lotions (make up and fragrance testers are a great money saving idea), coffees, jewellery, luxury chocolates, hair accessories, gadgets, mental  puzzles, and joke gifts.  For younger kids, advent calendars can be packed full different craft products as well as small toys or ‘building’ sets like Lego which can either be used as stand-alone gifts or as part of a bigger ‘project’  to build or complete by Christmas day.

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