Christmas Planning in January (Vintage Christmas Decorations)

Is it ever O.K. to use the ‘C’ word in January?

With so many savings to be made on beautiful gifts, stocking fillers, handmade holidays, wedding and table party-ware as well as festive decorations at Luck and Luck, we definitely think so! Throw in the fact that we are on the move and have added some of our most popular lines to the sale and you’re onto a winner for your vintage Christmas Decorations!

If you think about Christmas in the January sales, (it’s hard I agree), you can save more than just pounds.  In just a few clicks you can handpick a basketful of festive online bargains which will ultimately save you time, take the chore out of the celebrations and remove stress from the season when it all creeps up on us again at the end of the Summer, even before the beach towels and bikinis have been consigned to the back of the cupboard! 

Vintage Christmas Decorations UK

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Vintage Christmas Decorations UK LLGIFXM003
Vintage Christmas Decorations UK LLXMN0669

According to a recent survey, only 11% of UK adults plan ahead for Christmas by six months to a year and I must admit to being one of them. Thinking about it can be a head spinner but why pay full price when put simply, you don’t have to?  January is a great time to buy discounted stocking fillers and vintage Christmas Decorations to avoid a cash-strapped December whilst adding a few extra treasures and special treats to your festive offering.

Whatever Winter themed items you buy in the sale to store away in the loft, always remember to make a note of them in your calendar for Nov/Dec.  Having fallen fowl of the pitfalls of extreme advanced planning it’s always advisable to put ‘a note to self’ in regards to your January purchases to prevent stockpiling and retrieving wrap and cards just after you’ve bought a full priced load.  Groan! Good festive planning:   It’s all down to Luck and Luck.  Make the wallet sing ‘hahaha’ during the ‘hohoho’.   

The sale continues………

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