If you need a bit of inspiration for hosting a stylish hen party, Luck & Luck is on hand with some fantastic hen party supplies for decorating your nest and transforming your coop so that you can sing with joy as the sun sets, and rises.  Whatever treats or activities you have in store these Hen Party supplies brought to you by Luck & Luck proves that in the absence of phallic shaped paraphernalia, you can still get your guests in a fantastic party mood without falling fowl…….

Accessories and table decor to fully theme a vintage floral tea party

Go free range and let loose beautiful paper and cardboard delights that will transform your space and bring nature into your celebrations.  Harness cheeky chic and decadent chintz, sans washing up, with Ditsy patterns and English Country Garden cintage designs adorning everything that represents the best at a British tea party from cardboard floral cake stands and tableware to gift tags and washy tape.

Pull something special out of the hat with these alternative Mad Hatter delights

Don’t fill your hen party full of nonsense and jabberwocky!  Choose from an abundance of eclectic Alice in Wonderland decorations and props inspired by the literary classic which will fire your imagination and have you dreaming big.  We might not have the white rabbit, but we definitely have everything else you need to pull the perfect hen party out of the hat.


Hen Party Bags.

Think about the Hen Party Supplies and give out some personal bags to the girls, tailor your choices to the budget, day and friendship group.  You only need to fill them with a few thoughtful items that raise a smile and show that you care.

Option 1 is the Hangover bag – water, ginger ale, carbonated or vitamin infused soft drinks all help.  Add your own signature touch with our retro paper stripy straws, craft tags, ribbons, stickers and labels to personalise the hydration offering even more.   A Banana – you can ban genital paraphernalia from the party but, no joke, for post hen party blues the humble banana is an excellent natural hangover remedy cure.  They’re full of potassium and will replenish the essential mineral that alcohol strips away from your system.  Similarly, a fancy bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice and a jar of artisan honey can be added to mitigate the suffering ‘au natural’.  Apparently, fructose is the elixir of a hangover cure and helps the body metabolize alcohol.  Pain relief for the headache itself –  everyone has their ‘go to’ brand of pain relief but you could go ‘alternative’ with a little jar of Tiger Balm, a tube of Berrocca, a headache strip or just adopt the hard-core line and add some miniature bottles of your guest’s favourite spirit to the mix.

Option 2 is the Practical fun bag– consider some thoughtful gems that will help your guests make it through the next day after partying hard.  They might appreciate a cheap pair of sunglasses and dry shampoo, some retro sweets or exquisite chocolate bites to pop open on their way home, some tic tacs or tinned mints for instant fresh breath and perhaps something that they can pamper themselves with later on – face mist, eye masks, foot rubs or a toxin purging herbal/Wasabi detox bath treatment.   Free samples that give a nod to the hen theme or tie in with a spa day might provide the perfect ending for a weekend away, enabling your friends to finish off the day’s antics with a pleasant healing experience at home and a soak in the tub to wash the naughty away whilst reminiscing on what the ‘I Do’ crew got up to.  If you’ve hit the dance floor hard, blister soothing plasters would be a good call.  Go glam with glitter strips, edgy with neon adhesive bandages or opt for the cute ‘Little Miss’ option instead to put a smile on your guest’s face. Why not go one step further and personalise some mugs to give your hens a keepsake that will double up as a handy receptacle for their morning coffee!

Added Accessories

No hen party would be complete without some tasteful sashes, badges and photo booth props.  Come on hens, be a party mother clucker!

What goes on at the Hen stays at the Hen?  Nah – record the best bits in this guest book and fill it with pictures from the event and notes from the day to make it the perfect keepsake for the bride to be.

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