Throw a Baby Shower Party with a British Spin and a Luck & Luck Twist

The expectant world is somewhat divided on how best to put a truly British spin on one of the latest American imports – The Baby Shower Party – and if we should even bother at all.  But if you apply the right twist and choose your decorations and accessories wisely to create ‘babyfied elegance’ you can stage a truly  lovely event and avoid it becoming a tacky, self-indulgent, present grabbing affair that ignores the father from the post-partum adventure and alienates your single, childless friends.

With a small group of carefully chosen guests, games, and a scattering of stylish decorations from Luck and Luck, you can ensure that the last proper gathering of friends, family and colleagues (before the baby arrives and sleep deprivation kicks in) is personalised and packed full of fun.

Baby Shower Party Decorations

It is all about decorations at your Baby Shower Party! You may wish to choose from the ‘Oh Baby’ range with gold and white accessories or something more subtle with the ‘Hello World‘ range with a mixture of mint green and white colours. Some of our favourites I have put below to give to some inspiration.

Make it just for the Mad Hatters!  Make it a vintage Alice in Wonderland themed Baby Shower Party and welcome your guests with vibrant colours, teapots brimming with bright flowers and a host of beautifully themed party props served up with Jabberwocky juice.  Our ‘Drink Me’ set of bottles, tags and straws would be great for your cocktails, mocktails and ‘guess what I am’ games.

Baby Shower Party Games

Depending upon the guests you invite and the theme you choose you may want to go with a few standard baby shower games and then create some of your own.  The internet is littered with them from ‘Guess What?’ games (using baby food and chocolate served up on disposable nappies) to  variants of pin the tail on the donkey (i.e. pin the sperm on the egg etc.)  You might also want to guess baby names & weights and the expected date/time of delivery with prizes for the winners, but there are some good alternatives out there and a lot of gender neutral options too!  I love the idea of hand writing messages in or directly on some newborn disposable nappies for those late night changes to provide a laugh and raise a smile when it’s needed most.  Use our cards or chalkboards

Our favourite action games:

  • Baby Changing Formula One. Split everyone into 2 teams and blindfold them! Test your guests’ baby changing skills (use dolls, nappies  and clothes) in a relay, against the clock and each other to see who can dress their baby doll the quickest.
  • Don’t break her waters (you will probably want to keep this one outdoors!) Divide your guests into pairs, fill water balloons and get the pairs to throw the filled balloons to each other, gradually moving further apart until they burst.  The couple to last the longest wins!  For a dry alternative, you could play this game with dolls (if you drop it, you’re out).  A variant on the theme would involve guests holding water balloons in between their legs and racing to the finish line (hospital) without breaking the waters – throw in an obstacle course to make it more challenging.
  • Musical bottles – Fill some baby bottles with juice (for mummy to be) or prosecco for the adults, hand them round randomly and start the music.  Guests pass the bottles between each other and when the music stops those holding one have to drink the contents – without using their hands.  The one to finish first – wins!
  • Versace nappy race – split your guests into teams equipped with toilet paper and other accessories and they rush against the clock to create the best designer nappy. One team can use the mum to be, whilst the other could use one of her relatives.
  • Pregnant Twister – a twist on the popular floor game – play the game as normal except your guests have pillows or balloons underneath their tops, these could weighted down with shopping bags full of baby stuff.
  • Baby Face game – cut out the facial features (hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears) from pictures/photos/printouts of both parents. Guests have to compile pictures of what the baby will look like with hilarious outcomes that can also be framed!
  • Spit the dummy out! A variant of ‘throw the welly’ except you use the mouth and spit out a dummy with gusto to see whose lands the furthest away.

Baby Shower Memories And Gifts

Baby shower parties are always something where memories are created, but what should you bring so that the afternoon is a success. Perhaps you could bring and re-gift some of your pre-loved baby things. Maybe get everyone to bring a photo of themselves when they were a baby to create some laughs……. WE FOUND ONE OF OUR BOSS…….

Bring homemade food or a jug of your favourite cocktails and mocktails to the celebrations. Use stripy paper straws from Luck & Luck for extra kitsch! Donate a single, practical or ‘tongue in cheek’ gift (from disposable rubber gloves to lots of coffee) that together can be combined into one large group gift and stashed into a nappy changing/survival tool belt for the dad to be and a pamper bucket for the mum to be.

Make sure they are left with all the memories to get them through the next few months. We have searched high and low and these are our 3 favourite items that any parent to be will treasure for many years to come.

Get guests to share their wise words of wisdom from the do’s and don’ts of parenting to top relationship tips (designed to prevent the dad’s head becoming a bullseye for flying breast pumps) in our Gold foiled Oh Baby! keepsake book and wooden building blocks. Or use the memory boxes so that scan photos, first baby outfits, cards etc can all be stored safely until any parent can show them to child as they grow older. Nothing better in creating memories. Enjoy your party. Good luck from Luck & luck.

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