Sprinkle Some Unicorn Magic Into Your Party and Celebrations

Unicorn Cake Childrens Party

If you’re looking for a swirl of colour and a touch of magic to your Unicorn party or special event, create a dreamy showstopper with some of these marvellous ideas. Unicorn parties and a mix of colour is the new trend today where creativity can take over. Luck and Luck have a huge range of products to help you achieve the perfect party.

Read through the article to find ways to decorate your room, add colour to your party table and inspire any child to dream of meeting their unicorn one day.

Many of these items can be bought from Luck and Luck so you wont need to go far to create your perfect unicorn or rainbow party for any occasion.

Unicorn Invitations and party bags

Take the Unicorn theme by the reins. Outline your magical plans from the outset with Unicorn invites or create your own with our Unicorn stickers and stamps.  Along with our Unicorn notebooks, they make great party bag fillers and party game prizes too!

Unicorn notebook
Unicorn Invitations

Unicorn table and room décor

Embrace the pastel palette and incorporate a few mythical elements into your party to harness the best that the fantasy  has to offer.

Whether you want to create the perfect fairy tale party for your child or throw a kitsch celebration full of charming nostalgic fun for your hen celebrations, we’ve scoured the shimmery and glittery best from the internet so that you can conjure up a magical bash. Inject instant sunshine into your Unicorn themed party with these colourful and charming ideas.

Make your own selfie photo booth frame prop and take pictures to treasure against our glitter curtain backdrops – available in a rainbow of colours

Unicorn Party Supplies Gold Floral Photo Booth

Get creative with food!

A variety of food can be great with all fussy kids. Some suggestions we find popular are Rainbow fruit skewers, Rainbow pizza slices and Rainbow fruit cups. They are so easy and add a healthy, colourful twist to the table!  Perfect for any Rainbow or Unicorn party!

Unicorn fruit skewers
Unicorn strawberries
Rainbow pizza for childrens parties

Unicorn or rainbow inspired cupcakes and treats to leap off the plate. Just getting a few simple items can change the look of your traditional cakes and get the children involved. These are the most popular items to enhance any childs cooking.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Unicorn Serving Plates

Unicorn Cup Cakes

Label your own jam jars, bottles or glasses with rainbow juice, champagne floats or glitter punch. You can also fill them with multi-coloured popcorn, jelly beans, M&M sweets or bath bomb favours. One of our party supplies is the new paper straws. They come in a range of colours to suit all your party colour schemes.

Rainbow drinks
Unicorn beans
Unicorn coloured jars

Dress up for the occasion

Face up to the Unicorn! Don beautiful face paints, glitter, horns and use multi-coloured pastel chalks to create a spectacular Unicorn mane

Unicorn makeup
Unicorn outfit
Unicorn rainbow face painting

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