How to celebrate in your own Alice in Wonderland

It was in the beautiful grounds of Antony House in Cornwall, where scenes from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film were shot, that my children and I took part in our first Mad Hatter’s tea party.  It was a wonderful interactive experience;  a lovely Summer’s day where we dutifully followed a very enthusiastic ‘Alice’, oversized net in hand, as she moved around the gardens trying to catch the elusive white rabbit to the soundtrack of our shrieks whenever the fur clad, life-sized character came into view, bounding across the manicured lawns on his jumping stilts.  Of course, it was fitting that our Alice adventure culminated in the tea party, where we consumed copious amounts of cake in a marquee surrounded by mismatched vintage and floral tableware and the obligatory dormouse and giant clock watch.
Whilst no-one wants their celebration full of nonsense and jabberwocky, there is an abundance of eclectic decorations, props and games inspired by the literary classic which will fire your imagination and have you dreaming big.  There are also many DIY and low cost alternatives that mean you can keep your Wonderland theme fresh and simple and with a few choice buys make an impact and stay in budget – preventing yourself from plunging into a hole and finding yourself in a dark abyss of debt.    With the recent 150 year anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Google and Pinterest is awash with hundreds of Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes, cookies and bakes that came out to celebrate.   As I scroll through them, they mainly scream ‘don’t eat me!’ Not just because of the sheer quantity of food dye which must have been poured into some of them, but because most of them look just too good to put a knife into.  There are even slanted moulds available too if you have the British bake off skills  and nerve to cope with the pressure of it all and want to make your own topsy-turvy tiered designs.  You could, I suppose, put all your hard work, time and effort instead into setting up these truly wonderful mini teapot cupcake stands, 3 tier cake stands, tree shaped and spiral cake stands ( couple of minutes set up time max.) and balance your delicious and simple creations on top of them.  Really, they give a whole new meaning to the word ‘flat packed’ and will ensure that by party time you won’t have ‘lost your muchness’.
So, to carry on with the theme of Alice in Wonderland……… If the entertainment budget doesn’t stretch to hiring giant chess pieces, playing card henchmen or , and the travelling budget rules out themed venues like this restaurant Diamon Dining in Tokyo, the price you had in mind for your venue puts a big black cross against this movie themed house available to rent in the Wonderland House, Brighton or the Glazebrook boutique hotel in Devon, you can always add your own touch of Alice to your table spreads, street party, home or garden.
You can easily rise to the challenge to create your own enchanting version of Wonderland that will visually delight guests, young and old.  If you prefer the whimsical Alice, with her vintage edginess, rather than the garish Queen of Hearts or the hookah smoking caterpillar with a penchant for mushrooms, you’re in luck with Luck & Luck – we have over 40 products to choose from.  Whether you’re having a full blown reception, a relaxed garden wedding or a birthday, fundraising or hen tea party, you can ‘begin at the beginning’ by branding your celebration right from the start with our invitations and then extend the theme beautifully with tableware, centrepieces and decorations to transform any space – marquee, barn or sitting room.   We might not have the white rabbit, but we definitely have everything else you need to pull the perfect party out of the hat.

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