Go Sober for October – Luck and Luck

We continue our fundraising theme hot on the heels of our support for the World’s Biggest Coffee morning by supporting ‘Go Sober for October’. I first heard about the event a few weeks ago on the radio and as soon as I heard it I knew there was only one person that this would be a great challenge for! One half of Luck and Luck, of course Mr Luck himself.

He enjoys nothing more after a busy day amongst reels of ribbon, or designing the latest stickers, photographing endless new products or whatever other job he may turn his hand too, to crack open a beer! He drinks what I make up for in cakes and biscuits!
I subtly suggested the idea by sending a website link to him and low and behold the next thing he has signed up and is well on his way to raising a tidy sum for Macmillan Cancer! Of course, as a family we have been effected by cancer over the years, Matt lost his dear brother Pete the week before our wedding in 2008, my dear Gran only a few months after our first child was born. We also have survivors too, and are grateful too for the amazing treatment of my dad back in 2001 for Oesophageal cancer. Our support for the charity continues as we see family and friends effected by it. The support of Macmillan Cancer is imperative.

So the countdown has begun, October is the start of a very busy time at Luck and Luck HQ, and I know it will be even harder steering clear of the booze but he has some fun things planned in November and December which I am sure will more than make up for it!

Good Luck Matt and if you would love to sponsor him you can do so here: https://www.gosober.org.uk/users/matthew-luck

Go Sober for October

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