Afternoon Tea Party Ideas UK Style

The charm of an afternoon tea party

I love the charm of an afternoon tea party – well actually tea and cake at any time of the day to be honest! Whether it’s a charity coffee morning or afternoon tea for a hen party, baby shower, anniversary, wedding, birthday – you name it the great British cuppa, slices of sugar loaded cakes or the traditional jam and cream scone just make the perfect way to socialise! Here are some afternoon tea ideas UK style.

Luck and Luck: Afternoon Tea Ideas UK Style

My little afternoon tea for our neighbours – we recently had a new family move in and although we all live in close proximity, with our busy family lives don’t see each other very often apart from our annual Christmas get together.

I dug out my grandmothers fine bone china cups and saucers which I love to mix and match with our own tea party products and put on a spread of great British baking. One of the things I love about having a tea party or coffee morning, is you only need a few accessories to make a really great impression to guests and to make your tea tables go wow!

I usually do all my own baking but I must  admit I did have an opportunity to acquire some lovely homemade cupcakes so it seemed a shame to turn them down! I accompanied them with homemade scones, plain, cheese and jam served with clotted cream and jam along with banana cake and rocky road!

For the table, I used a mixture of paper plates and paper napkins. To display cupcakes these are my favourite options – the single teapot stands or the 3 tier cake stands

My guests really loved it, some surprised how I had gone for the traditional afternoon tea with the cups and saucers. Some got quite nostalgic. The possibilities are endless and this was quite a simple affair which can be added to make your event more individual.

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